Just Ask the Axis….This Saturday!!!!

Hey all! We’ll be playing our first show as Genuine Leather this Saturday at Cheer Up Charlie’s at 6pm on the Outside stage. We’re excited to announce that Hops and Grain Brewery will be giving away their amazing Alteration Altbier during happy hour!

Promotional details:

Kindform in conjunction with new East Austin brewers, Hops & Grain Brewery, are pleased to announce a promotion for the Just Ask the Axis Showcase.

Hops & Grain Brewery has been kind enough to donate a full keg of their Alteration German Pilsner for the event. From the hours of 4pm – 8pm, in conjunction with Cheer Up Charlie’s, we will be giving away a frosty glass of Hops & Grain’s venerable brew to each person in the door until 8pm or while supplies last, which ever comes first. In order to get in on this promotion all you need to do is show up at the door of Cheer Up Charlie’s, get your voucher, and drink up! The music for Just Ask the Axis starts starts at 6pm so stick around and hear the latest in greatest in Austin’s new music scene.


Kindform: http://www.kindform.com

Hops and Grain Brewery: http://www.hopsandgrain.com

Cheer Up Charlie’s: http://cheerupcharlies.tumblr.com/

Axis Productions: http://www.hopsandgrain.com


See you all then!!!


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