This has been a cathartic experience.

Over four months, GL has written and recorded upwards of 20 different songs. These have culminated in four separate four-song EPs with a single bonus track available for each download. These will remain up on the bandcamp page for a good long while.

You have participated in the creation process along with Genuine Leather. As for the future, GL will take all of this material and formally release it in the form of a 14-song LP entitled “Genuine Leather” and a four song EP entitled “Crude Magic”. There is as of yet no solid release date for any of these projects. All GL can say is that they are going to take their time mixing and mastering these two albums, and will properly release them.

A band is forming around this material and will plan to play live near the end of 2011 in the city of Austin.

As for this blog, it will still act as the news center for Genuine Leather, however, no new releases will be coming out anytime soon, unless a chilly fall breeze inspires some sort of folksy ramble. There is the possibility that something of that nature will happen. But it is safe to expect that it shall remain mostly bare for the rest of 2011.




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