Reflecting a Little Bit Into the Mirror of One’s Self

So __ originally started this whole Genuine Leather thing in order to vacate ___’s mind.

The clutter of creativity tends to back up every once in a while.

So many ideas and so many things figured out along the way.

I speak as if this charade has ended, but it continues.

Seriously though – two more songs will be released along with a hyper-progressive bonus track and then this little foray will be complete. Four EPs in four months. I would say that the most difficult times have been the last two months considering GENUINE LEATHER’S inability to stick to deadlines. Originally, the thought process was that ___ would just crank out tunes whether they were good or bad or whatever. But that notion soon faded. ___ wanted to put something out there that was good, something worthwhile. The anticipated work load was much less in the mind than it was in practice. It’s the details that get you in the long run.

Beyond the EPs, Genuine Leather will be releasing the Crude Magic EP and then the Genuine Leather LP in physical formats. ___ must acquire artwork for them and that should not take very long as long as ___ can find a Windows computer to upload the albums. Hopefully there will be a release party – but who knows.

Genuine Leather is forming a band to perform the songs live. This will happen. If anyone is interested in playing please let me know.

Also, ___ will continue recording sporadically throughout the rest of the year. An influx of somber acoustic ballads have come and they will be explored fully.

Anyways, ___ just wanted to write and say thanks for your patience and for anyone who has listened over the past four months, I appreciate it. Really I do. Thanks for putting up with this very self-indulgent activity. I hope it has maybe inspired some people to pick up a guitar and a microphone and record their own songs.


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