My girlfriend has recently met our neighbor.

As a musician, I can’t play loud with neighbors. Out of mutual respect and the fact that people WILL call the cops on you. Volume makes good tone easy, at least in my case.

Tangent: The whole idea of bedroom pop – that someone is recording this music in the quiet of their bedroom – is somewhat silly, unless you are early Iron and Wine, Kings of Convenience, or Ryan Adams when he’s really sad.

My girlfriend went outside to our back patio for a smoke this morning and it just so happened that our next door neighbor walks by and they break into conversation, exchange niceties, and make plans to see each other in a more friendly setting in the near future. I’m thinking, this is great. When my girlfriend comes inside she says something to the effect of, “Now that we know her, I’m going to be a lot more worried about the noise.”

She is right. Now that there is a face and a name to the eerily silent person who shares a wall with us, I can no longer continue along in anonymity. Now if I see her in the hallway, I’ll be wondering if she heard me singing that part in the chorus to “Water Fountain” over and over again, or if the bass line to “Sleeping with the TV On” was shaking her china.

“The noise” in fact is me. Yes, I’ve been making all of this music in the confines of a quaint south Austin apartment. Our new neighbor friend asked if I was in a band, saying that she could hear me playing guitar through the wall. She failed to mention the bass, drums, keyboard, shaker, and singing that I do inside as well.

Point: This is why I will be driving up to Dallas this weekend and setting up the studio there, and also why the first song from the upcoming May EP “Identifier” will also come out a few days later. So stay tuned…


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