Two months into this project now, things have changed – or become apparent as it were – and it looks like to better help get this music out into the larger listening world, I will have to change Genuine Leather’s format.

Right now, I post the songs and then put them up for sale at the Genuine Leather Store, which you can find right here on the right side of the screen. But since aspects of this particular project have come to light (i.e. being a relatively unknown, brand new project) it seems that in order to get you kids listening to this music away from your computer, I’m going to have to put all the EPs up for download for free at the store. So now you can burn it, put on yer iPods, and most importantly share it with your listening associates.

I put the Crude Magic EP for free download on Record Store day. It is still available for free right now.

Going forward, all the following EPs will be available for free download. This means that you can get S.S.S.S. this week for free, Identifier for free in May, and Decrescendo for free in June.

At the end of all this, it’s looking like I’m going to release physical copies of the Crude Magic EP and then an amalgamation of the following three EPs. This means that at the end of it all, there will be two physical products available for purchase, should you want something physical to hold onto. I know I will.

Please enjoy this music as much as I enjoy creating it, and by all means TELL YOUR FRIENDS about it. Just click “Visit the Genuine Leather Store” on the right and it will take you to the download site.

Barry, I owe you five dollars. Thanks. 🙂

From now on,



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