Before you listen…

When ___ started this project, the idea of producing one song a week seemed novel, simple – pragmatic even. In fact, ___ performed a similar project with one of my friends while attending college. We swapped a song a week and the process was productive. Of course, its much easier to make a song with just acoustic guitar and vocals than it is to produce fully-formed electro-pop. It is proving a challenge but one that ___ hold __self to as the weeks go on.

“25 Afternoons” is next release. It was scheduled to come out on Friday, but has yet to do so. ___ can assure you that I have been working on this song. At the risk of putting out a lesser product, __’ve taken the weekend to work out the track and nail down a good vocal line, hooks, and ensure that production quality is nominal. (All songs will be remixed upon the release of the Crude Magic EP this weekend.

Writing and recording a song a week is not easy by any means. ___ sacrifice deadlines for quality, usually…

Below are is the lyrics sheet to “25 Afternoons”.

Please stay tuned for the song. It will be up soon…


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