In lieu of SXSW, here’s The Nature of Your Work

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I acquired a bass rig from my dad on my sixteenth birthday. It was a massive 15″ cabinet the size of a refrigeratory. I have not seen anything quite that big since. I was impressed because there was a rumor that the cabinet and head were on tour with a band who was opening for Aerosmith.

Around the same time, I got a guitar and began learning Sublime songs and Red Hot Chili Pepper bass lines and began writing my own songs. With a program I downloaded on Limewire, I began to record these songs. My set up was:

1) a Casio keyboard (which belonged to my best friend’s older brother)
2) an ash Ibanez Roadstar II bass with a blue quarry custom pick guard
3) a grey/blue/black Sonata acoustic/electric guitar
4) a small 75-watt Peavy Starter amp
5) a white Fender Stratocaster on loan from a friend of a friend (I still have it today)
6) and a 1/8″ Sony tape deck microphone.

For drums, I usually improvised with plastic containers, plastic buckets, frisbees, loose change, or a real drum set if I could find one. I was never very good at drums.

SXSW has come to Austin, and while I call myself a musician, I am a web content writer by day. My duties here at SXSW have prevented me from writing and recording an original song for this week. But fear not Genuine Leather fans, you can expect two new songs in the next week and a half. In the meantime, I’ve decided to offer you a consolation.

“The Nature of Your Work” was written and recorded around the same time as the original “Electrocution Song dod”.


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